About us

We are a passionate and innovative company dedicated to providing craft food and spirits in a fun welcoming setting that reflects our community, our guests, and our staff.

At Craft & Crew Hospitality our purpose is the create lifelong regulars and a loyal crew. By taking care of our crew, we are able to provide the best food/drink, service, and experience to our guests.

In 2019, Craft & Crew added a 5% Health and Wellness surcharge to all checks which helps us to provide health insurance benefits to all employees.

Craft & Crew Hospitality offers full medical benefits to all managers and up to $200 for every hourly employee that works a minimum of 20 hours per week. Insurance is offered through Gravie.

Craft & Crew Hospitality offers an employee assistance program for every employee that works at Craft & Crew Hospitality through Sand Creek Workplace Wellness. These services offered through Sand Creek range from mental health, legal assistance, financial aid, sobriety /rehab, and conflict resolution service. This is a free service for all employees.

Craft & Crew Hospitality promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. All supervisors and managers at Craft & Crew receive a health club reimbursement each month.